Vranov nad Dyjí

The Vranov nad Dyji town is situated in the valley under the Vranovska water-reservoir and the river Dyje flow through. The national park Poduji begins behind the town district called Zadni Hamry, the town lies inside its protected zone. Vranov nad Dyji is the centre of tourism in the west part of Znojmo region. The Vranovska water-reservoir serves as place for bathing and recreation.

The castle Vranov has been mentioned already in 1100, the town below in 1323. The history and the evolution of the town are adherent to the history of the castle (and lately chateau). The original castle was a possession of the Premyslovci royal familly but during the Thirty year’s war it had been burned out. The renewing in the Baroque era was realized by Viennese architect Jan Bernard Fischer from Erlach. In the recent history the chateau went through a wide reconstruction in 1972 and 1979. The town is known for manufacturing of china of “Wedgwood” style.

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Vranov nad DyjíVranov nad Dyjí
Vranov nad DyjíVranov nad Dyjí
Vranov dam - bridge over the bayVranov dam - bridge over the bay
Dam Vranov
Chateau Vranov nad DyjíChateau Vranov nad Dyjí
Chateau Vranov nad Dyjí
Chateau Vranov nad Dyjí - courtChateau Vranov nad Dyjí - court
Chateau VranovChateau Vranov
Chateau Vranov